Shiraz Boutique Hotel

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Address in English:

Rashedi Historic House, Second house on the right, 1st alley to the left, Rashedi 1 alley, Rashedi alley, the alley next to (west of) the Mosque, Sayyed Alaeddin Hossein Mosque, Shiraz


Address in Persian:

شیراز، آستانه سید علاءالدین، پشت زورخانه، کوچه راشدی، بن بست راشدی 1، فرعی اول سمت چپ، هتل سنتی شیراز (خانه تاریخی راشدی)


9/15/2022 3:18:25 AM

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Brackmann on 4/27/2019
Hi, can i check in at 22 o´clock/10 am? Best wishes, Sören

Thank You

Dear Brackmann

Comment Code: 13371


Thank you very much for contacting us.

Yes. You can check in at 22:00. But, the check-in is at 14:00. If you arrive early morning or in the midnight and need room, you should reserve one day earlier.

Kind Regards

Sirah Guesthouse in Shiraz